Environmental & Sustainability

Insulpak have participated in the Green Plumbers Environmental and Sustainability Program.

Insulpak’s qualified Green Plumbers have the knowledge and skills required to advise clients on the selection of sustainable plumbing appliances and systems for use in commercial applications. The appropriate selection of plumbing systems may deliver financial savings for the client and also be of benefit environmentally to the community as a whole.

Insulpak’s Green Plumbers are able to discuss the benefits of sustainability for clients on water and energy savings, plumbing appliances and systems. We can also report on existing plumbing systems and make recommendations for environmentally sustainable improvements.


  • Advise on energy efficient plumbing measures
  • Advice on solar heated water systems
  • Advice on urban alternative water sources
  • Plan pump systems
  • Carry out environmental plumbing inspections
  • Advice on energy efficient commercial hot water systems
  • Advice on geothermal heat pump systems
  • Install solar heated water systems