Reliability of your HVAC Equipment

Reliability of your HVAC Equipment

As equipment ages, it has a tendency to break down more frequently. The age at which breakdowns occur will vary with the type of equipment in the building, but increased maintenance costs and/or frequency of breakdowns are major clues that the equipment needs to be modernized. Direct replacement of the equipment is the simplest approach, but may not be the best choice in every case.

Instead, mangers can consider re-fitting parts of an older or inefficient system. For example, pneumatic temperature-control systems are widely used because of their simplicity but require continual maintenance and calibration. New, computerized, direct digital control (DDC) systems provide more
precise control and greater reliability, along with better energy efficiency. In addition, the information capability of these systems can improve the productivity of the maintenance staff, a side benefit of a retrofit that was designed to save energy.

Insulpak have the knowledgeable staff to be able to assess and review the performance and any preventative maintenance required. 

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